The Feminine Leadership Online Summit

(23rd – 30th August 2020)

Have you been feeling disconnected? Feeling like you constantly have to prove yourself to get ahead, especially with all the uncertainty? That despite burning the candles at all the ends, none of it ever seems to be enough?

As women we wear all the hats, and whether you are a stay at home mom or a high-level executive, we are all leaders in our homes, our families, our communities, our lives.

23 world class leaders, speakers and entrepreneurs discuss how feminine leadership is embraced in their work from conscious parenting, business, branding, sales, authenticity, intimacy, relationships and more. 

With Women’s Month in South Africa during August, now is the time of reflecting how far we have come as women thanks to many amazing women now and before us, however this is also a time to reflect on how far we still need to go. 

Let’s open the discussion on how women AND men can meet in the middle and move forward, how can we find balance within ourselves so we can meet the patriarchy where it currently is and RISE above it with love without having to smash it with anger and fear.

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the 23rd to 30th August 2020

The Benefits of Joining

Joining The Feminine Leadership Online Summit is an opportunity for you to start becoming part of the solution so we can move forward and RISE!

  • This Summit is aimed at uplifting women so we can start focusing on how we can move forward and embrace powerful Feminine Leadership qualities,
  • Each speaker will be focusing on a different topic and area so there will be something of value for everyone, they will be sharing discounts and complimentary resources to all participants,
  • There will be a Facebook Group where you will join a community of strong, empowered and forward-thinking women and have the chance to network and win small prizes, 
  • At the end of the Summit, there will be an option to purchase all the conversations and support charities helping with women empowerment and the environment with all funds raised going to charity.
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What to Expect?

When you sign up to The Feminine Leadership Summit you will gain access to the following:

  • A membership area where the interviews with the various speakers will go live during 23rd – 30th August 2020;
  •  Three interviews per day will be uploaded in the morning of each day which will be available for you to choose from and watch at your own convenience until 2nd September 2020;
  • Complementary access will expire on 2nd September 2020 and The Feminine Leadership Summit will be available to be purchased as a package with all funds raised going to our awesome Charity partners Caring4Girls, Treesisters and Frida Hartley Shelter (please see more details about their work later on).

Meet the Hosts

Meet the hosts, Leigh, Beth and Liz. We are passionate about the emotional, mental, physical, personal, spiritual and professional synergy between the sacred union between feminine and masculine within and without. Finding wholeness and balance within.

Leigh, owner of Leigh Joy Inspires & Associates (PTY) Ltd, is the high-profile Keynote Speaker, Coach and consultant who dares to speak up and speak out on topics that touch all of our lives and yet, are often still relegated to the darkest corners of societal and personal shame.

Leigh’s infectious energy and deep commitment to the upliftment of each and every one of us ensures a highly engaged and transformed audience ready to step-up and step into their own personal power.

Beth, owner of Wildflower Transformation Coaching, specialises in working with women who are at risk of stress and burnout by focusing on limiting beliefs and negative emotions.

She certified transformation and life coach with a history of working in banking and finance at one of the largest global trading companies. Having lived in South Africa, London and Geneva, Beth is a global citizen and have experienced how different cultures “manage stress” differently depending on social conditioning and beliefs

Liz, owner of Ostara Studio, has joined us in the behind the scenes to assist in pulling off this Summit. 

She has dedicated her life to creative pursuits by amplifying brands and their voices. Her strong leadership, extraordinary attentiveness, intuition and sensitivity to sense into the core essence of a business, as well as the developments in the external environment, complemented with expertise and experience in business intelligence, enable her to transform businesses into purpose-driven brand powerhouses.

How can your participation help?

At the end of the Summit, there will be an option to purchase all the conversations and support charities helping with women empowerment and the environment with all funds raised going to charity, we are so proud to be partnering with Caring4Girls, TreeSisters and Frida Hartley.

Research has revealed that girls from indigent backgrounds could miss up to 50 days of school each year due to menstrual related challenges, with many simply dropping out completely.

According to UNICEF*, girls’ education and empowerment literally saves millions of lives. More educated women tend to be healthier, work and earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children. 

The Caring4Girls programme has supported over 950,000 girls throughout the 9 provinces of South

Africa with menstrual hygiene products and education since 2011. 

Treesisters is a global network of women who donate

monthly to fund the restoration of our tropical forests as a collective expression of planetary care.

Treesisters is an invitation to a new kind of feminine nature-based leadership and a felt sense of integrity about how we want to live in right relationship with nature.

“We stand at a threshold where our behaviours are no longer sustainable for our ecology. Trees restore life in so many ways and tropical reforestation is one of our best solutions to climate change

– providing up to 50% of the global warming solution over the next 50 crucial years.”

The Frida Hartley Shelter for destitute women and children in Yeoville, Johannesburg, takes in homeless women, and their children who have endured neglect, abuse, trauma and homelessness. 

They shelter individuals who have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet; young homeless mothers looking to kick-start their lives; and individuals going through financial difficulties (affected by retrenchment or unemployment).​

The shelter is a non-profit organisation that aims to empower women, through providing accommodation, psycho-social support, employment, and training. The Frida Hartley Shelter also provides nutrition and childcare to the children housed at the shelter with their mother. This allows the mothers the time they need whilst they are job hunting.​

Speaker Line Up

A summit for phenomenal women by phenomenal feminine leaders

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